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Keep, Convert, and Close More Leads in Less Time with Automation

Manage Your Leads

If you own or manage a small business, your sales process might go something like this:

 Leads come into your business, and some of them become customers (of course, or you wouldn’t be in business). But other times, leads disappear at various points of the process, for reasons you don’t always understand.

 Sometimes, you accidentally lose track of prospective customers before they get close to buying.

 You’d try to generate more leads, but you’re not sure where your customers came from to begin with.

 And you can never say with certainty how many sales you’re going to close this month—or what exactly your sales team is doing, anyway.

All of the above occurs in small businesses lacking a consistent process for sales—or any process at all. Research firm MarketingSherpa says "Sixty-eight percent of business-to-business marketers have not even identified what their sales and marketing funnels entail".

The solution: A combination of a customer relationship management (CRM) system with automation tools, small businesses can store information about leads and customers in a single database. 

And they can automate communication and tasks throughout the sales process, ensuring that the sale is made the way it’s supposed to be.

With sales automation: 

 Follow-up emails are sent automatically 

 Reps receive reminders about phone calls and other tasks,

 The entire team has visibility into the state of affairs

 Your salespeople can recall the status of each lead without digging through notes

 Quickly see how much potential revenue is in the pipeline

 And make changes to the process based on data, not their gut.

Sales automation software helps small businesses grow and saves them valuable time and money (and sticky notes).

* Infusionsoft Pro with sales pipeline required


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