Infusionsoft! The Ferrari of CRM's...

Optimised it gives you back time through automation of sales and marketing needs, helps you keep track of tasks the team are working on, assists in the creation of the ultimate customer lifecycle journey on autopilot

Leads > Prospect > Customer > Repeat Customer > Raving Fan!

If you like to get direct to the end result and appreciate tapping into an industry expert, then this Platinum service is for you.

  1. You already have Infusionsoft, but it's feeling clunky and not humming along like you hear it does for others!
  2. You know there's more it can be doing for you and it just needs a special touch
  3. You're ready for the next phase of optimising your Infusionsoft application to maximise the functionality relevant to your business sales process.
  • From attracting new prospects, right through to feedback and referral
  • By keeping a clear plan, you can work through systematically and create a complete system for your business your competitors will be envious of
  • As a busy business owner, we use a project management tool and work direct with your team. So you are only interupted as needed. Of course you have 100% access to all tasks progress on Basecamp
  • Getting your TEAM trained to know enough to manage the day to day management of active campaigns or attend to tasks set by automation to complete. There is multiple options for you to continue to leverage here.
  • We start with one thing and follow the same 5 step process to create you efficiency in your business for greater profits.
  1. Assess
  2. Plan
  3. Implement
  4. Optimise
  5. Progress


Application only service

You VALUE YOUR TIME and understand tapping into our VIP PLATINUM MEMBER service. You are getting the best value and weekly time block is allocated to complete required tasks/ track and monitor your application.

The goal is to create all the campaigns you require, to automate as many repeating tasks as possible and hold your TEAM accountable for task completion.

You know the power of Infusionsoft and wish to leverage it more than you currently are.

Leverage is achieved with smooth running automated systems in place, you will see an increase in your revenue.

  • This all encompassing overview and review ensures you are optimising every step of your prospects journey
  • You like to be able to have a conversation with your team, and the task is actioned and taken care of
  • On your monthly planning/strategy call we will set or refine the current project for the team to focus on
  • Repeat the 5 step process to refine your automated sales and marketing each month - this is the efficient and effective way for you to have a dynamic evolving system which will maintain momentum and revenue growth in your business.

As we work closely with our clients, the placement to work with us is by application only.

This package is for the discerning business owner who is

  1. Fully aware of their TIME and the VALUE of not wasting it on the wrong thing
  2. You like to have the best service there is and want it now
  3. You like to be able to know your back is covered and your business needs are met
  4. Your comforted that you get access to the VIP above and beyond service when you tap into PLATINUM MEMBER service
  5. You are getting the best value and weekly time block is allocated to complete required tasks/ track and monitor your application, and keep you on track to achieving your goals.

Custom VIP service up to maximum of 20 hours each month
* hours do not carry forward each month
* hours tracked using timedoctor software
* recurring payment either via Credit Card or Automated Direct Deposit must be in place and no outstanding invoices for service to remain active


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