Check out this video to learn about the concept of Lifecycle Marketing, and how this strategy manifests through Keap

This video explains the 'Keap Way' of a customers journey. Keap is a marketing tool used for digital marketing automation.  We love the dynamic flexibility to be simple or as complex as we like so it suits multiple levels of business as you grow, so can the application via 3rd party extensions.

It combines a robust CRM with a sophisticated email marketing and sales platform.

Automation is a great way to grow your business in a scalable, reliable way – without having to increase headcount. Marketing automation isn’t right for everyone. But if you don’t know about it, then you may be missing a tool that would make your business, and life, much more organised and efficient.

Email Marketing Platform
Keap is best known as an email tool. It can certainly send emails, to the tune of 5 billion a year or so. However, it’s much more than that. Many people use Keap to organise their database, manage leads and followup, or even automate their internal workflows.
Drag & Drop Builder
Keap uses a drag and drop interface to build your marketing collateral. This means you can visually map out your marketing funnel, as well as your emails, web forms, and landing pages. Frank Kern once described the Keap automations (campaign) builder as “a white board that spits out money.”
Built to Scale
Keap is built for small businesses. The beauty of a tool like this is, it will grow as your business does. Automation works 24 hours a day, all year long. It allows you to scale in brand new ways. The more you automate, the more you can focus on the parts of your business that really need you.

Convert More Leads To Sales

Keap Pro

A customer relationship management (CRM) application enables you to communicate via email with your prospective customers, new customers and long term customers - with a unique message being sent to each of them. Dynamic marketing delivering your exact message at the time you specify. A powerful marketing tool to attract leads and nurture them into raving fans...


We love to buy - We don't like to be sold to. By providing an enjoyable customer journey where your customers can find a solution to their need, find out more about you and easily buy right from an email. You are also able to provide caring community support -  with followup personal emails with customised message and much much more.

What is your sales process like?
How can your prospects do business with you?


if this happens - then what?

Automated Marketing

Attract potential clients or deliver content to existing members with landing pages, opt in forms, order forms, thankyou pages, emails, tasks, and much more all from within the Campaign Builder. Drag and drop elements. Map out your sales funnel with a complete solution. 

Think... if this happens - then what?

Customer Care 

  • By providing an impeccable customer experience, you will deliver your service above and beyond expectations
  • By creating custom campaigns to support your customer journey during their time with you.
    ​You will see an increased return on your invested time and effort by being able to send an email to a select group of customers
    • by segmenting your contacts, you create an efficient way to message them right away on a 'thing' they don't yet have.

Sales Team Organiser 

When you sell your products and services, there is a process you do everytime. You may have never put too much thought to it. However, this is called your sales pipeline - or customer journey. You know how you want this delivered, and what you want said. What forms are to be filled in and which document needs to be sent. By using the opportunities within the Infusionsoft CRM you can be assured your tasks are tracked, commented on and completed on time.

Infusionsoft by Keap is a leader in the industry of customer lifecycle marketing. This means you are always delivering the best possible experience for your prospects and customers.

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