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I had the honour to join Keap and present a 1hr online training session where I got to geek out and share about automation and adding value to your service, without it costing you a stack of money.

Keap Automation Hours
A Free Online Training Resource


Keap is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool I use daily in my own business and also supporting clients

If you already have it, then the Keap Automation hours, is a great resource for you to tap into and get free additional training and other options for using the application - no cost to you.

If you don't have it, it's a great way to learn about the application and how you could potentially use it in your business. (Contact me for a special price and bonus kickstarter package)

What are Automation Hours?

We know automation is the great game-changer for small businesses. Now is the time for entrepreneurs to work ON their business and put organization, follow-up and automation to work for them. One of our experts will be joined by one of our partners each Tuesday and Thursday to conduct a workshop on implementing automation that will help you succeed.

The presentation

We all love a pleasurable buying experience, so how can you simplify this with automation, and add in a big bang for your buck! Lyndi MacRae of In2Web Marketing will show you a membership tool you can use to make it happen.

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Visit my member portal here and see if anything grabs your fancy

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- if you do upgrade and you're still connected with me, I may get a little kickback for the introduction.
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If you want to find out more about Keap and don't have it, as a Certified Partner I provide onboarding, setup and support ongoing to empower you to self manage and create your very own marketing automated assistant. 

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The Facebook page links you to a closed Facebook Group for those wanting to learn more about marketing their business online. One of my favourite sayings is 'making it easier to do business with you online' and in this group, I share video tutorial resources, pdf downloads, links to additional quality resources and answer questions. This group is a way you can find out if I'm the real deal as well. However, I've been playing in the www space since 1996, you'll hear me share my journey in the above video.


Feedback from a complimentry walkthrough of how to use Keap and MemberVault

Keap and Membervault Results


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